Alternative Paths 330/725-9195     Medina
246 Northland Dr, Suite 200A .
Medina, Ohio  44256 .
Alternative Paths is a private, non-profit, mental health agency serving adults who are mentally ill.  Their goal is to provide assistance to persons with acute or chronic severe mental illness without isolating or excluding those person from the community.


Community Action Wayne/Medina County 330/723-2229       Medina Office
820 B Lafayette Rd
Medina, Ohio 44256  email
Assists people by developing a strong supportive network to promote self sufficiency.  Assists low income residents with utility expenses, home heating, air conditioning, weatherization program, and other programs.

Habitat for Humanity 330/722-4494  phone
P.O. Box 1291  
Medina, Ohio 44256 .

A non-denominational  Christian organization whose mission is to provide decent housing for persons who can't afford to purchase the home.  Families contribute to the construction of their home and Habitat sells the home to them at low cost with long-term, no-interest mortgages.  The Medina County Habitat for Humanity only serves Medina county residents.


MRDD - Medina County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities 330/725-7751 Medina
4691 Windfall Rd. 330/225-0533  Brunswick
Medina, OH   44256 330/336-8444

Offers programs for children and adults who are mentally retarded and/or have developmental disabilities; children's services include assessment, evaluation, and supportive home services and adult services include case management, supported living, family resource services, residential services, transition services and center and community employment.


Medina County Fair Housing          330/722-9217   Medina
144 North Broadway 330/225-7100 X9217  Brunswick
Medina, Ohio  44256 330/336-6657 X9217  Wadsworth
. email
Ensures that all people have the right to live where they want and where they can afford regardless of age, race, color, sex, national origin or disability.  Investigates allegations of discrimination and assists both landlords & tenants when there are problems.

Salvation Army .
425 W. Liberty St  330/722-6488  Medina

Medina, Ohio 44256

. .
4274 Manhattan Circle   330/225-4039   Brunswick
Brunswick Ohio 44212 .
. .
527 College Street 330/335-2327  Wadsworth
Wadsworth, Ohio  44281 .
. .
First Baptist Church 22 E, Main St    330/769-2435   Seville
Seville, Ohio 44273 .

Salvation Army is a faith-based organization that provides social services for individuals in the county.  Some services include emergency shelter, financial assistance, and meals.


MMHA  Medina Metropolitan  Housing Authority  330/725-7531    Medina
850 Walter Road 330/336-3606   Wadsworth
Medina, Ohio  44256 330/273-9072  email

Create, develop & manage properties & programs that provide affordable housing for county residents.  Provide financial assistance to families or individuals who are in crisis, and manage the Section 8 program for Medina County.


Operation Homes  330/725-8885   Medina  
400 N. Broadway .
Medina, Ohio  44256   .

Provides housing services for homeless persons in the county.


Community Legal Aid 1-800-998-9454  Hot Line
120 W. Washington 330/725-1231 Medina Office
Medina, OH, 44256

Provides free civil legal assistance to county low income residents who meet the income guidelines.  Assistance varies from legal  representation, advice and legal counseling.


Society for Handicapped Citizens  330/722-1900     Medina
4283 Paradise Road 330/336-2045     Wadsworth
Seville,  Ohio  44273   330/225-4202     Brunswick  email

Provides education, training, recreation, resources, materials, equipment loan, transportation subsidy and residential services to county residents with mental and/or physical disabilities. Operates 8 residential homes for special needs individuals.


NAMI  National Alliance for (the) Mentally Ill 330/225-6448  Brunswick  
3671 Ascot Dr.      .
Brunswick, Ohio  44212   .

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill population strives to improve the lives of persons with severe mental illness by offering a various educational programs and support materials to family members.

Medina County Home 330/723-9552               Medina  
6144 Wedgewood Rd   330/225-7100 X 9552  Brunswick  
Medina, Ohio  44256   330/336-6657 X 9552  Wadsworth website       email

Provides adult citizens with custodial care in a homelike environment regardless of their ability to pay.  


Battered Women's Shelter 330/723-3900  Medina Crisis Hotline
740 E. Washington St., Suite E-6  330/723-9610   Court Advocacy
Medina, Ohio 44256   330/336-6657  Wadsworth  web site 330/225-7100    Brunswick
.  email
Provides immediate shelter and some supportive services for victims of domestic violence.   


Medina County Office for Older Adults 330/723-9514 Medina  
246 Northland Drive 330/336-6657 Wadsworth
Medina, Ohio  44256   330/225-7100  Brunswick email 330/723-9506  Fax

The Office for Older Adults provides in-home and community based services to Medina County residents over sixty years old.  Services are designed to meet the many needs of older adults and assist them in remaining an active, vital part of the community.  No set fee is charged for older Americans Act Subsidized Services; however, donations are encouraged and welcome.