Located in Sandusky and Georgetown, Ohio

The Ohio Veterans Homes are state-supported facilities dedicated to providing high quality long-term care service to Ohio's elderly, chronically ill, and disabled veterans.

You may seek admission to either the Secrest-Giffen Nursing Home or to a residential cottage, dependent upon the level of care that is required.  Also, October 31, 2003, a new veterans home was opened in Georgetown, Ohio.  This home is a 168-bed, nursing care only facility.  Click Here to visit the Georgetown Home Web Site.

Each resident is assessed a monthly fee based on ability to pay, monthly income and number of dependents.  

To be eligible, the veteran must have wartime service; be an Ohio resident for five years at the time of admission; and be disabled and unable to work.

Apply through our office or call the Ohio Veterans Home at 1-800-572-7934.

Click Here to visit the Ohio Veterans Home Web Site

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