We supply free transportation to the VA hospital, Wade Park, Monday through Friday.

The van leaves our office every morning at 8:00 am. It returns in the afternoon. Space on our van can be reserved by calling our office In advance. If you are not able to supply your own transportation to our office, call Medina County Transit.

There is no charge for the County Transit or our transportation.

VA MEDICAL CARE is limited to the veteran, not his or her family, in most cases. It has gone through extensive changes in the last few years and I will not try to explain who is and isn't guaranteed treatment at this time. Rather I will say that if you need care and you are an honorably discharged veteran, we will do everything possible to secure care for you at a local VA medical center.

The VA medical centers can treat qualified veterans for any and all medical problems (dental care is the one notable exception and it is reserved for those with service connection for dental conditions or when deemed needed by the VA).

The prescription mail-in program is exceptionally good for those veterans on limited incomes. After the VA's doctors have placed you on a maintenance program, the VA pharmacy will mail out your monthly prescriptions.

The VA hospital system is the largest in the free world so you must be willing to "hurry up and wait" (reminds you of the military), but if you can bear with the system, the money saved and medical care rendered are worth the effort. One of the things that will help you move through the system more smoothly is to have prior medical care, prescription and treatments listed, so that you can inform the VA of your complete medical history.

WADE PARK CENTER 10701 East Blvd., Cleveland


10000 Brecksville Rd., Brecksville
CANTON CLINIC 221 Third St., Canton
AKRON CLINIC 55 W. Waterloo Road, Akron
EMERGENCY ROOM CARE is available at Wade Park Center 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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